Silica Bricks


Silica brick mainly by tridymite, cristobalite and quartz and a small amount of residual glass phase consisting of acidic refractories. 

Silica brick refractories are acidic, with good acid resistance capacity slag erosion, load softening temperature up to 1640 ~ 1670 ℃, long-term use at high volume relatively stable

Carbonization chamber is mainly used for coke ovens and combustion chamber walls, open hearth steelmaking regenerator and sediment room, soaking furnace, glass furnace, refractory materials and ceramic silica brick kiln firing kiln vault and other load-bearing parts. Also used in high-temperature load-bearing parts of the stove and acid open-hearth furnace top.

Silica Bricks Properties

  1. Good acid erosion resistance
  2. High temperature strength
  3. High RUL: about 1620-1670℃
  4. Volume stability at high temperature
  5. Good thermal shock resistance

Silica Bricks Application

  1. The partition of the carbonization chamber of coke oven and combustion chamber
  2. The regenerator and slag chamber of the steel-making open hearth furnace
  3. Regenerator and slag pocket of the steeling-making open hearth furnace;
  4. Soaking pit, and glass kiln;
  5. High temperature bearing parts of the hot blast furnace;
  6. Roof of acid open hearth, and chute;
  7. Arch and other supporting parts of the ceramic kiln and refractory kiln, etc.

Physical and Chemical Index of Silica Brick

DescriptionHigh quality silica bricks
SiO₂ % ≥9596
Fe₂O₃ % ≤1.20.8
CaO % ≤2.52.5
True Density g/cm³2.342.34
Refractoriness ℃17101730
0.2 MPa Refractoriness under Load ≥℃16501680
Apparent porosity %2222
Cold Crushing Strength ≥MPa29.435
Reheating Linear Change(1450℃× 2h)%+0.2+0.2