Steel Plant Equipment

Our continual efforts and services by providing qualitative and innovative solutions for the development and improvement of steel industry helps improve quality of the finished products, cost effective production, appropriate products and materials selection to improve efficiencies of the steel plants and get smooth, trouble free and uninterrupted production.

CASCO offers comprehensive product offering encompasses a wide variety of furnaces, UPS systems and technical services as follows:

  • Melting Furnaces
  • Induction Holding Furnaces
  • Melting Furnaces, with IGBT technology
  • Induction Heating Systems
  • Drop Down Furnaces

Turnkey Projects;

Turnkey Mini Steel Plants with induction furnaces, including; Continuous Casting Machine (CCM), Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF), Cranes, Electric substations and distribution and control, water system.

Melting Furnaces

These series are designed as the most effective and economic system for today’s foundries using a parallel resonance system without any input power factor compensation. A PLC controls the system, operation, and balances the needs of the operator and the system within harmony. Our offered furnaces are available with a number of variants:

Standard System

This system consists of one converter and one or two furnaces. Power can be delivered to either furnace on demand as required, via a pneumatic transfer switch.

Extended Power Induction System

The Extended Power Induction System works in a similar way to the “Dual Track” or “Twin Power” systems of other manufacturers. However, the Extended Power Induction System’s power sharing technology offers significant advantages over competitive systems.

Melt and Hold System

Our Melt and Hold System offers similar functionality to the Extended Power Induction System, consisting of two converters, one for melting and the other for holding purposes, as well as two furnaces. While melting occurs in one of the furnaces, the system can, at the same time, deliver holding power to the second furnace in order to keep the molten metal at a stable temperature and thus increase productivity. The Melt and Hold System is the most popular in the CASCO product offering.

Triple Furnace System

The Triple Furnace System is designed to use converter energy where possible and to eliminate idle time during the melting period. To achieve this, the system employs two converters and three furnaces. During melting, all of the available energy is delivered in melting the metal except for the transfer times between furnaces, which are approximately 10 seconds each. Only our high-tech pneumatically controlled transfer switches can operate to such short timescale.

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